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0000 Archive of Underwater Images
Craig and DeeVon Quirolo make this site available to allow visitors the ability to download free images, create slide shows. To learn more about some of these features, click on the thumbnail of the sea fan to the left. Reef Relief Inc. does not support this web site.
0000 Videos now on YouTube
Go to reefrelieffounder on YouTube to see underwater videos by Craig Quirolo
000 Featured dives of the past
000 San Blas coral reefs 2007
These images were taken in the San Blas Islands between September and November of 2007. The San Blas is an archipelago of about three hundred islands located off the North coast of Panama. The islands have been inhabited by the Kuna Indians since the beginning of recorded history Contributed by Liz Brasler
001 St. Maarten
Photographs taken by Jonathan Eric Agin, St Maarten January 2007.
002 Aruba 2007
Photographs taken by Jonathan Eric Agin, Aruba December 2007.
00 Gallery
a picture is worth a thousand words
01 Key West coral reefs
This catagory is divided by dive locations.
02 Bahamas coral reefs
Images from the reefs in the Abaco islands of The Bahamas. Hundreds of beauty shots.
03 Cuba coral reefs
Images from two diving expeditions to Cuba 1997 and 1998.
04 Jamaica coral reefs
These images are dedicated in memory of Katy Thacker founder of the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society. Without her these images would not be.
05 Cozumel coral reefs 1997
06 coral reef disease and infection
Images of diseased coral and two science papers relating to coral disease.
07 coral reef Physical Stress
Groundings, hurricanes and coral stress.
08 Key West Marine Park.
Pictures taken near the shoreline of Key West.
09 Western Sambo coral nursery
The first coral nursery established in the Florida Keys. Coral from this nursery was successfully used in a nearby vessel grounding restoration project.
10 Coral Nursery report
Reef Relief Coral Nursery Project at Western Sambo Reef, Florida Keys February 25, 1998 - December 1, l998 by Craig Quirolo Director of Marine Projects Reef Relief January 1999
11 Coral Stress Report 1998 Key West
This is one of the first reports that Craig Quirolo produced as a result of the Coral Reef Photo Monitoring Survey Program.
12 Monitoring coral stress and disease
This report was prepared for the St Kitts Peninsula Marine Survey training and survey event 2007.
13 St. Kitts Peninsula Ecosystem Survey
April 2007. This report was prepared for the St Kitts Peninsula Marine Survey Week training and reef survey event.
coral bleaching
Photographs from Key West coral bleaching events.
State of the Reef 2007
The presentation given by Craig Quirolo at Reef Reliefs 20th anniversary celebration.
The State of the Reef 2003
This is Craig Quirolos 2003 State of the Reef address slightly revised. This presentation led to the award winning educational video Dive Back In Time produced by Craig Quirolo and Joel Biddle.
Yellow Band Disease
Yellow Band Disease has consumed massive amounts of coral across the Caribbean. This disease was first documented by Reef Relief.