Bahamas 2004 Expedition
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.08 July 9 Munjack buoys 1 and 2
These are the northern most buoys in the Green Turtle Cay reef mooring system. This area is known for it's clear water. White spot-type diseases have just started appearing here in the past two years 2003-04 with a noticable increase in 2004.
01 May 9 Noname inner fringe reef
This reef runs parallel to Noname Cay and is located very close to the shore.
02 Noname outer Crescent reef
Crescent reef wraps around the south end of Noname Cay's outer reef and is subject to the brunt of large oceanic wave action. many of these photographs were taken from the deck of the boat. This reef is only visited during periods of calm weather.
03 June 15 Noname outer b16
This is one of the favorite snorkel sites near Green Turtle Cay . Deep ledges and schools of small fish create a wonderful experience for the novice snorkeler.
04 June 20, Munjack patch reef buoy 3
Buoy 3 is a very safe reef to snorkel on located between the beautiful white beaches of Munjack Cay and the outer reef.
05 June 22, Noname inner fringe reef buoy 15
This dive circumnavigates and transects a large segment of the inner fringe reef . This reef is subject to violent wave action and shows signs of recent hurricane damage. Elkhorn coral is the dominant coral growing on this reef.
06 June 27 Munjack Cay upper sand channel
This area is heavily fished commercially with bleach and soap and recreationally with spears. There are many unusual white marks on the many of the coral formations.
07 June 27 Munjack off Rocky Bay.
Inside of the outer reef east of Rocky Bay, Munjack south. Spectacular snorkeling although these reefs are fished out. Sharks are known to patrol the outer drop offs on the sandy channel, exciting.
09 July 10 Munjack outer-mid no buoy
This reef is not marked by a buoy and appears to have excessive amounts of algae compared to other reefs in the area.
10 August 17 Noname outer B17
Research diver David Farrington collects mucus samples from infected A.pal colonies which were sent to Dr. Katy Paterson of UGA for analysis.
11 August 18 Noname inner fringe reef
The final survey of the year around Noname inner reef Irregular growth on A.pal, white spots and aspergillis observed.
12 September 1 Noname inner b13