Bahamas 2005
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01 May 26 Noname inner fringe reef
There is abundant evidence that severe weather passed over this reef. Fragmented Elkhorn Coral pieces are scattered on the inner portion of the reef and are showing signs of new growth.
02 June 5, Munjack buoy 3
Algae dominated inner reef. Signs of coral bleaching.
03 June 8 Noname harbour
Sea grass, mangrove habitat.
05 June 14 Noname inner fringe reef north
This small fringing reef is about the size of Sand Key reef in Key West. It was impacted by two major hurricanes in 2004. This survey shows areas of the reef that were damaged, a lot of fragmentation and an amazing survival of one of the thickest elkhorn coral 'forests' in the area.
06 June 15 b 09
Sea Gardens; very impressive recovery from the 2004 hurricane season.
07 June 17 buoy 4
Buoy #4 off of Munjack Cay's Rocky Bay. The shallow reef top is dominated by algae CYSTOSEIRACEAE, FUCALES
08 June 21 Noname harbour
Low tide at the entrance to Noname harbour and photographs of sponges on the inner western shoreline.
09 June 25, Noname inner fringe reef
Beautiful elkhorn coral, some Acropora palmata fragmentation and yellowing on Montastrea cavernosa.
10 July 7, Munjack buoy 2
A White Pox-type outbreak on many of the elkhorn coral colonies. A wonderful discovery of staghorn coral and the apparent first stages of coral bleaching.
11 July 7 Munjack no buoy
This reef is located east of Rocky Bay, Munjack Cay and is dominated by algae. There is some Acropora palmata re-sheeting taking place. Many boulder corals appear to be in the first stages of coral bleaching. Some unusual obervations.
13 July 13, Outer reef Noname Cay buoy 17
Often called the Golden Grotto this reef was severly pounded by Hurricane Frances. A great deal of white Pox-type disease outbreaks on A.pal.
14 July 13, Catacombs buoy 18
N 26 44 98 X W 077 16 38. This an isolated reef adjacent to deep ocean. The reef top averages 6 to 12 feet water depth. D.strigosa early signs of coral bleaching.
15 August 8, Crab Cay outer reef buoy 5
Located east of Crab Cay this reef is marked by buoy #5. Coral bleaching on brain coral is evident throughout this reef. White marks on elkhorn coral are also present .
16 August 8, North Green Turtle Cay outer reef buoy 7
Buoy #7 is located offshore of the northwest end of Green Turtle Cay. Coral bleaching, white marks on A.palmata and an over abundance of algae are present.
17 August 11 Munjack Cay north outer reef buoy 1
Buoy #1 is not adjacnet to any coastal development. White Pox on A.pal and white band on A.cervicornis. Some bleaching as well.
18 August 15 buoy 8
Buoy 8 is located in 30 feet of water on an isolated coral rise. Irregular growth on Acrpora palmata and bleaching are observed.
19 August 15 Noname cay inner fringe reef
The last look at Buoy 14, coral bleaching white spots and a shark.
Green Turtle Cay Noname harbour
Great mangrove images from the Abacos, Bahamas.